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End of the Year Teachers Gifts

The end of school is a time for Field Day, class parties, graduations and…teacher gifts. Are your teachers sick of candles and mugs? Do you want to be original and get them something they actually want and will use? If so, try these creative ideas!

Everyone loves a pedicure, but may not splurge themselves. Let your teacher soak those tired feet and read a fun magazine or two while she relaxes.

A fun Summer beach towel, sunscreen and a magazine are perfect for the teacher that likes to read under an umbrella or close her eyes in the sun while she dreams of her class, or not!

Other ideas to try:

  • Is your child’s teacher a movie buff? Why not give movie gift certificates with some of her favorite candy to go with it? Escapism from school stress at its best!


  • An itunes gift card and a cute new set of headphones are always fun for summer when teachers usually up their workout sessions with more spare time.


  • Does she like to workout? A fun new water bottle and bright shoe laces or socks are always motivational!


  • A game for the classroom or Lakeshore gift card is always appreciated. It is unbelievable how much of their own money teachers spend on items for the classroom.


  • A chef in her spare time? How about an unusual new kitchen gadget with some new dishtowels?

A homemade card or poem from the kiddos is a wonderful touch, and your teacher will love it!!

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4 Responses to “End of the Year Teachers Gifts”

  1. I love these! I am going to give the pedicure to one of my daughter’s teachers, and a kitchen gadget for another because she loves to cook.

  2. Such great ideas! Thanks!

  3. So glad you liked them!

  4. They will love you!!

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