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Not Looking Forward to Picking Out a Gift!

Last year for Mother’s Day we got my mother-in-law new towels. She was offended for two reasons. The first is because we got her colored towels, and towels are supposed to be WHITE. Second is she thought we didn’t like her towels, which by the way are the same ones that my husband grew up with. Wish me luck this year!

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4 Responses to “Not Looking Forward to Picking Out a Gift!”

  1. I’m honestly not looking forward to it either. My MIL and I have a touch and go relationship, and I dread the visit coming up. Sigh…

  2. Good luck! Post any stories you have after (anonymously of course!) and if you need help in before Mother’s Day our therapists are here to give you advice.

  3. Years ago I got my mil towels for mothers day, a few weeks later my husband mentioned that my birthday had come and gone and my mil ‘just happened to have my gift put away in her closet.” When she came back in the room what was my gift? The very towels I gave her for mothers day. That was the last time I picked out a gift for her. Left it up to my husband and I don’t think he ever bought a thing.

  4. Wow…talk about re-gifting! I can see why you gave up. Thanks for sharing.

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