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Get Ready for Earth Day the “Green” Way!

I did not grow up recycling, or thinking about the Earth quite frankly. I fear I am dating myself a bit, but in general we are a lot smarter these days. Imagine not buckling your seat belt before you drive your car…we did that! We now know what kind of an impact we can have on the Earth, in both a positive and negative way. My kids talk about recycling and even study units based on being “green” in preschool. My oldest went through a phase where he looked at every package to find the recycle sign, and let me tell you, it made me a much more eco-concious person.

As Earth Day Approaches, on April 22, commit to one or two fun and easy ways to commemorate this day, and possibly incorporate more eco-friendly activities into your daily routine. If everyone did this, think of the impact we would make!

  • Walk or ride your bike somewhere instead of driving. Make an outing an event, where everyone gets exercise and fresh air.
  • Organize a cleanup party at a local park or beach. This is a great way to get to know some more neighbors!

  • Start a garden. We had one last year, and my kids loved checking on its growth and progress. I made a deal with them that if we grew it, they had to try it, and guess what it worked! Need some tips on getting started? Here you go! Live in a small space? Here are tips for you to start a container garden.
  • Have a “Recycle Race.” Challenge your kids to see how many recycle symbols they can find in your house in five minutes, or how long does it take them to find 22, the date of Earth Day.

  • Plan an outing to see the movie Chimpanzee coming out on April 20th. Appreciating our Earth goes hand in hand with keeping it safe for all of the wonderful animals on our planet.
  • Plant a tree. This can be done at a park, or in your own backyard. Maybe choose a fruit tree that grows well in your climate. Consider donating to plantabillion.org. The Nature Conservancy is planting a tree in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil for every dollar donated.

  • Organize a clothes swap. This can be for your kids, but also for you and your friends. We all get tired of our clothes, why not trade with a few friends. Have a glass of wine and make it a Girls’ Night In!
  • Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products. Mrs. Meyers and Eco-Me are great. Eco-Me also has products for the four-legged members of your family!

  • Be a smart consumer. Do you know the difference between organic and natural? Read here for easy to understand definitions.
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