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Give Ombre a Try!

In my next life I want to come back with Jennifer Aniston’s hair color. I absolutely love that golden, sun kissed look. In reality though, I am a brunette, mother of two young boys, and I don’t have an entire day to spend at the salon once a month maintaining, nor the celebrity sized bank account to support that hair lifestyle.

My husband and I recently snuck away for a much needed couples only recharge, and I took a stack of magazines to enjoy on the beach. While perusing, I was constantly drawn to pictures of ombre highlights on models and celebrities, especially Jennifer Biel. The golden tones in her hair are amazing, and I wanted that asap!

Jessica Biel has a subtle golden ombre.

Upon my return, I ran into a friend who had the best ombre highlights I have seen in person, and I accosted her for her stylist’s info. A week later I was sitting in the fabulous Estilo Salon & Spa, in Houston, having my hair transformed by Mario Tort.

Mario Tort, photo courtesy of Estilo

I brought pictures to show Mario illustrating examples of what I liked and didn’t like. I explained that I wanted something natural, subtle and easy to maintain. And then of course, I hit him with an onslaught of questions as he did my hair.

Mario patiently explained that the ombre look is the new technique being done by many stylists, as opposed to “root to tip” highlighting, which can appear slightly dated. The benefit of this technique is that there is absolutely no obvious root line in the hair. A stylist who takes their time to blend the color into the hair well is the key. Mario describes his technique and “painting” the product onto the hair. Color is darker at the root, and blends into lighter and brighter highlights mid-shaft to the ends. The ombre look is lower maintenance, with clients tending to go 8-10 weeks between appointments. Take note, the more contrast you have between the root and highlight colors, the more daring the result.  Just be specific about the look you want.

In order for the ombre highlights to look ideal, Mario bases his individual color selection for each client on their skin color, and the underlying tones in their skin. He tends to go more golden on those with olive complexions, and a tad more blonde on those with redness in their skin.

If you are thinking about ombre highlights, go for it! Spring is here…brighten up and have a little fun with your hair. If you are in Houston, I cannot say enough good things about Mario, and his wonderful salon. Remember, it is just hair, and you can always dye it again!

SJP rocking ombre!
Drew Barrymore’s ombre is a little more daring.
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