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Bond Over Downton Abbey

I am an avid reader, and usually read a book a week.  I don’t often turn on the television, but when I do I have a habit of watching mindless shows. I am talking really mindless…like anything on E, or Gossip Girl and Heart of Dixie. One of my sisters likes to make fun of me for this, taunting me that you are not allowed to watch CW if you have graduated college (she may have said high school, but I am being generous). These are also shows that I couldn’t really talk to my mother or mother-in-law about, because the definitely were not interested. I don’t really blame them. I am actually starting to loose some interest in the CW. Maybe I am maturing? It has been really fun to actually bond over a TV show, and Downton Abbey has made it all possible.

If you haven’t heard of Downton Abbey yet, you are missing out on one of the best shows I have ever seen on TV. Let me enlighten you:

The show is about the Crawley Family and their large staff living on the fictional estate of Downton Abbey, in the English countryside in the early 1900s. Season 2 actually moves through WW1. The storyline dabbles in all the relationships between family members and the staff…love affairs, broken hearts and business dealings. You are completely drawn into the characters, addicted actually. Put it this way, I ignored my family as much as possible and watched BOTH seasons in one week. It is that good!

I didn’t know that television shows went into the Guinness Book of World Records until I read that Downton Abbey was included in 2011 for being the “most critically acclaimed English-language show.”  There you have it.

Seasons 1&2 are available on iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon on Demand.

You will love it, and so will your mother and MIL!

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