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Happy Reading…Fabulous Sequels and Trilogies

There is no better feeling as an avid reader than finishing a book you love and getting to devour another one in the series.  I hope you enjoy these suggestions and much as I did.

My most recent read was the sequel to Shanghai Girls, entitled Dreams of Joy.  It was fabulous, and picked up right where Shanghai Girls left off.  I highly recommend it.

My hands-down favorite trilogy is by Penny Vincenzi.  I spent six hours a day reading it one summer during my teaching years, and actually was slightly depressed when it was over.  The first book is No Angel, and introduces you to the Lytton Family in 1920s London, and takes you through WWI.  Something Dangerous takes you through WWII, and Into Temptation continues the family saga.  This trilogy may not have won a Pulitzer, but it is darn good reading!  Everyone I have recommended it to  has loved it.

I do relish in a good dose of historical fiction, and for this I truly loved the trilogy by Sandra Gulland that chronicles the life of Josephine Bonaparte.  The books are entitled The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B., Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe, and The Last Great Dance on Earth.

Memoir is another favorite genre of mine.  I was amazed and inspired by the writing capability of Harry Bernstein in his late 90′s when he chronicled his life in Invisable Wall, The Dream, and The Golden Willow.

Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls is the type of memoir that keeps you up till all hours of the night.  I simply could not grasp that this was someone’s reality, making it impossible to put down.  Half Broke Horses, though enjoyable, did not have the same all encompassing quality, however did offer good background into the family’s history.  Dive whole-heartily into Glass Castle, even if you decide not to read Half Broke Horses.

AHistory of Witches by Deborah Harkness came highly recommended, and can be classified as a “mature” Twilight.  There is something undeniably sexy about vampires, and this one does not disappoint. The story unravels between a modern day witch, Diana Bishop, and a 1500 year old vampire in Oxford, Matthew Clairmont, searching for a mysterious manuscript that unlocks the secrets of these mystifying creatures of the universe.  Their journey takes them to the castles of France and beyond.  You are left anxious to know what happens when the couple is transported to Elizabethan England, but….we will have to wait until July, 2012 to find out when A Shadow if Night is released. This is the second book in the All Souls Trilogy.  It is exciting to have some great summer reading to look forward to!

Happy Reading!

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3 Responses to “Happy Reading…Fabulous Sequels and Trilogies”

  1. These will all go on my summer reading list for sure!

  2. So glad you are excited to read them! Let me know what you think as you finish some.

  3. Just got my copy of SHADOW OF NIGHT! Woo Hoo! And I totally agree about Lisa See’s novels.

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