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Wanting in…during birth!

I am pushing for 2 hours with my first baby with no epidural and my MIL is standing outside the hospital room dying to come in. My Mom and my sister are in with me (and my husband) and my MIL keeps trying to come in. The nurse tells her there are too many people in the room (because she knew we didn’t want her in there). My MIL says “When is it my turn? THEY (pointing at MY mom & sister) have been in here the whole time!” Are you kidding me???

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4 Responses to “Wanting in…during birth!”

  1. When I delivered my last child & husband’s first, my MIL sat in the room for my entire labor process. She refused to get out of the room and allow anyone else to visit. The hospital only lets two in at a time, so my husband would take turns with our friends so they could say hi. When I’d finally had enough, I asked for my epidural so she’d have to leave.

  2. That is crazy!

  3. I think I’m unclear as to why so many women don’t want their MIL in the room with them, but their own mothers it is fine. Call me dense or whatever, but…she has those lady parts, too, so it’s nothing new. Is this more because you don’t care for her, or because she’s not directly related to you? Sorry, I just really wanted to ask. :)

  4. You sound really laid back about it, which is awesome. I didn’t want anyone in the room except my husband, but I do think everyone should have a situation that is comfortable for them since it is such a special moment and not be self-conscious.

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