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How many of you out there re-gift the presents that your mother-in-law gives your child?

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7 Responses to “Re-gifting?”

  1. I usually feel too guilty re-gifting to someone I know, so I donate some of the gifts to charity.

  2. that or i give them to my nanny for her extended family or church :)

  3. Never! I want my kids to know that their grandparents took the time to buy them something and they should appreciate it. My grandparents never got me anything!

  4. All the time!!!

  5. My mother in law is amazing and always makes sure to ask what my kids want so it’s usually right on target!

  6. Constantly! She never gives them things that they like and they simply don’t want to play with it. I would rather someone else get some use from it than sit in my closet.

  7. When we were a young couple, our finances didn’t always allow for certain gifts for the children. I would ask both my mother and MIL if they needed an idea for a special gift for the children and they knew they were helping us out too. The big bonus is that the grandparents got to be the ones who made the “dream” come true. That tradition continued for 20 some years, well after we needed the financial help. And it was a good one!

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