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Welcome to Daughter-in-Law Diaries!

This website began as an instrument to bring families closer together, and to help nurture the intricate and often delicate relationships between daughters-in-law (DILs) and their mothers-in-law (MILs). A lot of time is spent evaluating, discussing and sometimes venting about these relationships. We hope you utilize our therapists to answer your questions on Dear DIL Diaries (anonymously, of course!) and share a story or two on DIL Dish (anonymously, of course!). Peruse our blog for conversation starters, recipes to impress the in-laws, and some of our favorite products and ideas.

Our MILs have given us one of our greatest gifts…our husbands. For many this has led to wonderful children and maybe even grandchildren. Some of you may be newly engaged or recently married. There is something here for everyone! Enjoy, and remember…some things are too good to stay in the family!


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Ali Katz, Creator of Daughter-in-Law Diaries

Ali Katz, the creator of Daughter-in-Law Diaries, is the kind of person that from the moment you meet her, you feel like she’s your friend. She’s outgoing and full of energy. As the mother of two young children, Adam and Dylan, Ali loves cooking, traveling, reading and challenging herself. She just completed her second marathon and already is gearing up for the next run…  >>Read More



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